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Bob Tascione

    Hi Fred,
    If you don’t wear glasses that can be fitted with clip on lenses or you like the idea of a loupe more than a clip on then you can purchase a wire headband that fits over a loupe. Ofrei has them for around $6.00 usd.
    Good quality screwdrivers as well as tweezers and loupes are very important. Quality here makes all the difference in the world! These are the tools that I recommend spending as much as the budget allows.
    A very popular screwdriver set is Bergeon no. 5970. It has 9 screwdrivers with rotating stand with sizes ranging from .5mm to 2.5 mm which will cover everything from small ladies size movements to large Pocket Watch. Horotec also produces very high quality screwdrivers. You’ll see some sets ranging in size from .6 to 3.0mm. There are high quality, lower priced Bergeon and Horotec sets that come in boxes rather than a stand and also some with fewer drivers. These sets are great also. Although there are better, more expensive sets than these and obviously much worse and cheaper sets the above Bergeon set is very high quality, popular and fits the needs of most watchmakers.
    Hope this helps Fred,
    Happy New Year,