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Bob Tascione

    Beautiful watch MrRoundel! Thanks for posting the additional pics.
    Yes I was wondering how you came up with that user name. :D
    If you’re nervous about removing the hour hand you can always place the dial into position with wheel/hand attached and with the movement in setting position turn the crown back and forth until the hour hand begins responding. You’ll know things are engaged at that point. You probably noticed that there is some type of locating setup like a pin along the rim which corresponds with a slot on the dial rim. The fit between the pin and slot can sometimes be tight requiring the dial to be worked down over it. If the dial is positioned correctly then it should be a matter of working the dial down by pressing gently while moving along the perimeter of the dial until it’s seated. If you’re feeling any resistance then you may want to check the underside of the dial to see if there’s any impression or mark from something pressing against it. If you suspect something is hitting… like a post that may have backed out a little, then you can put a tiny dab of grease on the back of the dial where you think contact is being made and after testing again see if an impression was made in the grease.
    Please let us know if this helps (or if it doesn’t).