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    Thanks for your response, Bob. I figured that you might know these watches pretty well. You are correct that I was going to have to remove the dial in order to fix the problem, which I did. I only removed the minute hand and then took the hour wheel up with the dial and hand. Sure enough, once I got some grease where it needed to be, I was able to get the watch in setting position. After a short, and premature, celebration, I started the process of replacing the dial. That’s not going entirely as planned. Perhaps as expected, but not as planned. ;-) This may be being made more difficult because of the hand/hour wheel still being attached. The friction fit dial is fit to very close tolerances and is being a real bear to try to get to seat. I ended up removing the movement in the hopes that the dial would snap on and stay on while I re-cased but that didn’t seem to be the case. It doesn’t help not having finger cots(?) to have on my finger tips so I don’t print up the dial, which I will show below. Getting the movement back in wasn’t that easy either, as it’s a bit on the small size, actually 9 1/2 ligne. If it wasn’t for the necessity of it, I wouldn’t be “re-wading” into watch-work on such a small, and rather valuable, piece. I was quite relieved to get the movement back in and the case screws tightened.
    I’ve now walked away and ate a little lunch so I’ll be back to this job soon. I’m thinking that I should probably remove the hour setup from the dial so that I don’t have an additional thing to get to line up/catch under the dial. I’ll try using my hand remover and hope that the hand will release from the hour wheel easily. My brow is sweating already.
    Do you have any suggestion on seating that dial? I was able to get it aligned correctly, but it still wouldn’t set down. While the hour hand was able to be set, perhaps the our wheel/intermediate wheel junction was askew, causing it to fight the dial going level. If you have any additional suggestions, I’m all eyes. Thanks.
    BTW:MrRoundel is derived from my initials BMW. The BMW automobile’s badge is known as a roundel.

    Let me know if these jpg’s are too big and if there’s a suggested maximum size. Thanks.