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Bob Tascione

    It’s really good to see you up here “MrRoundel” and that you still have your passion for watches!
    You’re right about how long it’s been. I sold that house about 16 years ago and if I remember correctly you came by when it was in escrow!

    You have a beautiful movement/watch there. If you have a chance and the time to post another pic up here I would sure like to see an image of the face.
    You could continue loosening the screw and if you feel any resistance at all just ease the dial up a little bit by gently prying it up to allow more room. My feeling is that removing and then replacing the stem won’t really fix the setting problem (unless you get really lucky) and that you’ll need to remove the dial anyway. Since the dial can be easily removed with the movement cased then I would probably take a look underneath just to see what’s going on. Once you get that dial off you should be able to determine exactly what the problem is.
    Welcome to the forum and hope to see you up here often!