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Bob Tascione

    Thanks for clearing that up Chaplin37,
    Could be several reasons for a faint tick. Without having the watch in front of me I’ll be guessing here but here goes. Something may be causing poor impulse on one of your pallet jewel faces. This can result in a sluggish pallet fork preventing the fork from “snapping” over to a banking pin. It could be and often is something as simple as dirt or old sticky oil on the jewel impulse face which could be preventing a nice clean impulse. Cleaning and polishing the impulse faces with a cut piece of pegwood should remove any grime from the face. Also a damaged (chipped) or loose pallet stone might be a problem. Close observation under high magnification will reveal any damage. Another reason could be uneven drop. This can occur from incorrect pallet stone depth, pallet angle or banking pin adjustment.
    Hope this helps Chaplin37,