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Bob Tascione

    Hi Steve,
    I wasn’t able to view your pics as they were too large and the scroll bars wouldn’t move the entire picture into view in my browser. I downloaded and re-sized them which seems to have worked well. You’re right…it does look like the staff isn’t inserted all the way into the balance hole. You can most likely tap it right out on your staking set without doing any harm to the balance.
    For the click wheel you might give Daves watch parts a try at . If he doesn’t have the part he may have an old scrap movement that you can purchase for parts. I’ll also check tonight to see if I have something down here that will work. if I do it could be a while before I can get it up to the U.S. to ship it to you. I’ll email you to let you know what I find out.
    Hope this helps Steve,