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Bob Tascione

    Hi Jimmy,
    I’ve been away for a few days and see that your post has been here for awhile.
    Yes the button should activate the day jumper which meshes with day star attached to the underside of the day dial disk. In your watch it might have 14 pointed teeth rather than 7. Lifting the day dial disk would most likely reveal the problem. I don’t have one of these movements to look at so pics would be helpful. Also you’re right about the crown needing to pull out 2 clicks rather than just one. Whatever is stopping the stem from moving out (or pushing in) all the way may also be affecting the day setting. I can’t visualize how this may be happening but it does seem strange that both situations are occurring simultaneously. Suppose it could also just be coincidence. If the crown pulls out to the time setting position you might try turning the hands clockwise to see if the day of week jumps forward every 24 hrs. If it doesn’t work then you’ll know that the problem is likely under the disk.
    With pictures I may be able to help further.
    Hope this helps Jimmy,