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    Hi again,
    Tried tricks you suggested today. Took fingernail clips and tried to tighten canon pinion. Thought I put pretty much pressure on them but could not tell that I had touched it when I checked it out under about 10x loupe. Went ahead and reinstalled everything deciding that I could always put on more pressure later if needed. Set watch to 10:30 pm. Noticed that there seemed more resistance to crown when moving hands but second hand still did not stop when moving hands backwards. Anyway watched for awhile and at 11:30 on watch day dial clicked over and at 11:45 so did the date. Have reset it to 10:00 pm to see if I can duplicate success. If this continues to work may take file to teeth of clippers and cut a v shape into one side to try and duplicate canon pinion tool shown in diagram of watch course. I had read that section earlier but had forgotten as I had never came upon loose canon pinion before. Anyway am hoping we took care of problem.