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Bob Tascione

    Hi C_Kelly,
    Yes, if nothing seems to be catching in the calendar then I think you are on the right track. It’s fairly common for cannon pinions to wear over the years and become loose. If the hands feel a bit loose when setting this is a possible indication of a worn cannon pinion. When in setting mode try moving the hands backwards while observing the second hand. If the second hand stops then the fit is probably ok and the problem may be elsewhere. If the hand doesn’t stop and the hands “feel” loose when setting then it may need to be tightened a little. You can “test” (not repair) it by removing the cannon pinion and putting a thin hair (really) between the cannon pinion and center arbor pressing the pinion back on. Then let it run through the night to see if it works ok. If it works fine you can tighten the fit by following the procedure that is in the text part of the online watch or ultra course by going to “Motion Works” and then to page 3.

    What I’m about to write next will be clear to you after you check out Motion Works, Page 3…
    If you don’t have a staking set or a cannon pinion tightener then this may help. Some people use blunted finger nail clippers to close it a little. I prefer having 3 points rather than two as explained in the course but the clippers seem to work fine for others and I’ve never tried it so…just remember to put a taper pin or broach into the hole to support it and dull the jaws of the clipper so you don’t cut through.
    Please post the results (or more questions if you have them) so we know how things work out C_Kelly,