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    Thanks for the quick response!

    I have not been able to determine which movement is in the watch, their (Orient’s) website shows all of the watches having a 2 letter code to start their models, however, this one does not.

    Here’s what I know from my friend: It’s not a new watch, he bought it many years ago. It may be from the 70’s. On the back of the case is the number ***0104904E (Yes, it includes the stars, not sure if they are part of the model or not.) The case says: 40M Water Proff: Stainless Steel: Antishock around the center logo with AAA King-Diver.

    I am attaching 2 pictures, one of the face and one of the back of the movement. I hope this helps. If indeed the lever has been pushed aside, I was trying to determine how to remove the face. It appears to have two posts that fit into holes and are held in place by two set screws that are perpindicular to the posts, parallel to the face itself. Does this appear to be correct, to you? I can upload another photo if it would help you.

    The watch does have a calendar, however, it is changed by a push-button that activates a lever, you can just see the lever in the top part of the photo of the back of the movement. I don’t think it is impeding the stem.

    Thank you very much for all your help!!