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Bob Tascione

    Welcome to the forum Jimmy and congratulations on diagnosing and fixing the hand problem.
    Not knowing or seeing what movement is in the watch makes it a bit difficult to determine what’s happening. If the stem is correctly installed then I think you’re right about having a lever problem. It’s possible that you may have pushed the set lever detent too hard and caused the clutch lever spring to jump up on top of the clutch lever or over to the other side (again I’m not at all sure of the design) which may now be preventing the clutch from returning after putting the watch in the setting position. If something like this is the case then I think the dial would need to be remove to determine what’s going on and to make the repair.

    A couple of questions for you:
    Is this a newer watch or possibly from the 1970s?
    Does it have a calendar mechanism and if so is there a separate crown for the date adjustment?

    If it’s their popular cal 469 (really good movement) then I may have one here with me that I can pull apart and check out. Worth a try.
    Enjoy Jimmy and again welcome!