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    Ok, I purchased two L&R Varimatics from William and have one running, with the second still needing attention, and since this thread already exists I thought sharing the information that I have dug up would be beneficial to other members, so I am going to post links to the manuals, and replacement part sources as I find them.

    Manual – http://www.bestoftimeswatch.com/images/l&r.pdf

    Service Tips – http://horologist.yuku.com/topic/816/t/Repair-Of-The-L-amp-R-Vari-Matic-Watch-Cleaning-Machine.html#.VTpeBOlFA6Z

    parts- right now ebay has been the best solution for parts,

    Cleaning Jars- they can be found, although the jars run around $50 a piece, but I have found a replacement jar that is almost identical, it is the Libbey Drinking Jar, so if you need a replacement jar, a dozen cost only $16. These jars are 3.75 inches wide, mouth of 3.5 inches wide and height of 6.75 inches.


    There is a guy who sells generic jars, for the mastermatic units, they are smaller, and do not work with the Varimatic, he also rebuilds the MasterMatic units, here is his ebay listings. He seems to sell a lot of L&R items.


    as I find more information or part sources I will post the information here..