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    Sounds good Steve, at first my wife did not understand either, she now fully supports what I do and the tools / machinery I buy because she has seen the outcome of my decisions. I see it all as a investment in bettering my business AND future for my family, someone had mentioned watchmakers lathes increasing in value better than a 401k or something similar.
    Reminds me of years ago I had a fishing boat, wanted to buy another anchor and the response was “we dont have the money for a anchor, you already have one” so I took her out fishing. That day it was a bit breezy and with the one anchor set we were blowing all over the place, made it difficult for fishing. On the way home she said, “we need another anchor” I just responded with, “great idea” Anyway, I dont pay any attention to the cost or necessity of makeup. :D and life is good…..William