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    As long as the screws that you need for the carriage clock don’t require a snug fit (like timing screws) then I don’t think I would be concerned about the screw being .003 smaller. The important thing would be the thread pitch. If you have another screw that you think is close you can remove one of the screws from the clock that you are trying to match and overlay them to see if the threads match. If they do and you’re only a few thousands different on the major diameter then it should work fine for you.

    Bob’s reply…

    Yeah but the screws need to be snugged up when fit. Just .003 is a go or not. And they slide in without tools.
    But just barely. Just need to get the right ones or send this back to Joe with something that will hold it together.
    Just gonna be on His mantle after all and He’ll never be able to play with it. MS, ya know….
    I made some windows that were missing out of plexiglass and they’re pretty nice.
    It’s supposed to have a brass door in the back but plexiglass. Oh, well.
    Tried eyeglass repair kits too.. Same size. No-go. Just am gonna get it to Joe, fragile fix, so that it looks nice
    from where I borrowed it from. I learned some — Carriage clocks—- It was new to me.
    Geeze ! Imagine a horse drawn carriage as a means of transportation ! Then the little clock on a shelf.

    Thanks Bob for your help. all of us here on this forum you’ve created owe ya !!
    Happy Holidays to all and God Bless !