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    Thanks for your reply. Watch is still going strong. Guy at work has just asked me to take a look at some of his watches. One was a Caravelle pocket watch that was slipping badly when wound. Took stem out, put it back and tightened up screw and that issue went away. Other one is Elgin 12 size with exact same problem. wind it and it sllips. Other thing apparant is staining and bit of rust on winding gears. Told him would be good idea to replace those gears which I can easily do. Have not taken this one apart yet as it is also very dirty. Also looks as if whoever worked on it last was a bit off his game. Hands were installed wrong so that when minute hand is at 12 the hour hand is between hours. Another easy fix. Will try to get donor movement on ebay to replace stained rusty parts. He was so happy with caravelle when I took it back to him Friday that he said he was going to bring me another that he got for graduation present years ago. Am having a lot of fun and actually made a dollar or two this week. I will probaly post again when I get into the Elgin which is a 384 caliber if I remember right.