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Bob Tascione

    Good call c_kelly,
    Your cannon pinion may have been the wrong one or it may have been corroded or possibly damaged in the past by an improperly performed adjustment. I believe the problem was either the meshing between the cannon pinion and minute wheel teeth and/or the fit between the hour pipe and the cannon pinion. The mesh with the minute wheel must be smooth with absolutely no catching. If the teeth were corroded or damaged then that may have been the problem. If the cannon had some kind of rust or corrosion or was distorted or a burr thrown up while trying to tighten the cannon pinion then it may have resulted in too tight a fit or catching with the hour wheel tube. This fit must be a close but smooth one with no resistance between the two surfaces. Any of these problems will cause undue dragging in the motion train which could stop a watch.
    Hope this helps C_kelly