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    I can only speak from my own experience (limited) from
    working with Waltham pocket watches.
    My size 18 vintage 1888 needed a mainspring.
    I found one on ebay for about 20 bux.
    These springs fit into a “drum” and the outside of the spring
    has a small “T”. The inside has a small square hole.
    Be careful about which way, clock-wise or Vise-versa it goes.

    Attached is a pic of my 1888 lever set Waltham.
    Bob, the master, is correct (always) in that a fine file and steady hands
    can renew the catch on the barrel hub so the spring doesn’t slip
    off. It’s canti-levered a wee bit so that the spring holds tightly
    to the hub.

    I hope the pic helps all out there who may have similar issues.