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    The Kern miniature will use 0.0020″ OR 0.0023″ suspension spring, depending the model you have. Note that this is valid only if the pendulum is original and didn’t have its weight modifyed.

    All 400 day clocks are very sensible and require excellent cleaning for proper running. All pivots need to be very clean, perfectly straight and polished, and the bushing holes must be polished inside too. Many times when repairing these clocks I also polish the pinions and gears teeth to reduce any possible friction. Check all this before you think that the mainspring isn’t strong enough.

    Pallets and escape wheel also need be very clean and polished. The pallets need to be adjusted to a good lock to prevent that fluttering effect.

    You say that when attaching the minute hand the clock stops. This happens independently of the hand position or only when it is going up? (I mean when going from ‘6’ to ’12’)