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Bob Tascione

    Hi Myclockrepair,
    Sorry about asking that question. After looking at the topic again “Clock runs, hands don’t move” it was clear to me what you meant.
    Since it’s occurring at times of strike/chime set up and at times that the hand weight is presenting most resistance (just before the 3rd quarter and 12 o’clock) and as you stated lifting the locking lever slightly allows the hands to move again my feeling is that one of the levers is beginning to stick a little. You can try lubricating the lever posts and manually move them a little to see if things loosen up. If they do then I would recommend a good cleaning and oiling if you haven’t already done that. I’m assuming that you haven’t worked on the movement yet so probably nothing might have been changed like a lever dragging against something, lever spring tension changed etc. and that normal thickening up of oil and dirt are causing the problem.
    This may be something you’ve already tried but if not it would be the first thing I would check. Additional tension could be added to the cannon pinion but I would first try to eliminate any lever sluggishness.
    I hope this helps myclockrepair,
    Please let us know what happens.