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david pierce

    You can beef up your Unimat by using a 7/8ths horsepower motor removed from a small shaper that Harbor Freight sells for about $100.00. It is the same physical size as the Unimat motor and far more powerful.The motor can be purchased separately as a repair item for a lot less money but you need to pull their repair manual up on the internet in order to get the part number. The direction of the motor must be reversed and this can be done by taking the motor apart and reversing the leads on the brushes. The motor is extremely powerful and will require a router S.C.R. speed controller also available from Harbor Freight for a low cost. With this modification you can turn, mill and drill steel without the machine stalling out. You will have to make an adapter plate to attach the motor to the pulley casting but you can use the Unimat for this. The old motor is horribly underpowered and can be stored away in case you decide to sell the machine someday. Unimat had a WW spindle available and you might be able to find one for sale on Ebay.