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    Hi Bob, thanks for your response. On this clock, there are no escapement parts outside the dial. The back of the movement is held in place by four pins. There are also two arbors extending through the face for winding main springs. One seems to work fine, but the other does not feel right so I did not try to wind it. I can see where the silk thread could extend down but the crutch has a rectangular piece that is at right angles to the crutch and that the pendulum shaft must fit inside. A thread through this piece would move at least 1/8th of an inch before contacting either side of the opening. It looks like a solid pendulum shaft would be required. The clock is still at the store so I don’t have any pictures.

    I did experiment with short rods at the store and I did get the movement working and it was in beat without any adjusting. I will be going to the store this morning and will try to get some pics that I will try to post here. Thanks again.