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Bob Tascione

    For others that may be following this thread I am posting (with Eds permission) the following email message and pics (below) that I received from him.

    Bob, attached is the T-1 pic that you requested. As you can see, I am attempting to rerivet the arbor to the wheel. This arbor is 2 7/8 inches long, and the wheel has 80 teeth.I have filed down the arbor slightly to provide a little more “shoulder” to peen over and complete the rivet. I tried to find another assembly in the Timesavers catolog but they don’t have any thing available. I considered trying to solder the arbor to the wheel, but I am not sure if it would hold.If you have any other suggestions, I am very open to them. Thanks for you help.
    I am using a T-1 from a Sessions clock that I have to test the pendulum length. The wheel is the same size, but the arbor is shorter so I cannot use this T-1 as a replacement.

    Hi Ed,
    Thanks again for the pics. They’re a big help.
    You mentioned soldering the wheel to the arbor. This wouldn’t work as the arbor must be able to turn independent of the wheel when winding the spring while the wheel stays engaged (stopped) with the rest of the train. The wheel should fit snug (no wobbling around) but not too snug. This tension is accomplished by the amount of pressure being applied to the tension washer by the rivet. If you’ve run out of rivet, which happens, you can often press the brass collet (on the arbor that the backside of the wheel rests against) back a tiny bit with a punch. You won’t need to move it much at all…just enough to give you some new metal to smack. I can’t tell from the pic but often times the rivet is actually punched down in four corners rather than around the entire rivet face. You have a better perspective on that and can decide what will work best.
    I hope this helps and that I’m not missing anything.

    Please let us know how it goes Ed and thanks again for sending those pics. (Pics Below)