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Bob Tascione

    Hi Ed,
    Sorry for not getting to your post earlier but I’ve been away from the forum for a few days. If you haven’t already solved your missing pendulum problem there’s a simple formula you can use to determine what the approximate length of the pendulum should be. I would be happy to post it up here for you if you would like it. It’s also possible to figure it out rather quickly by trial and error. You mentioned that part of the suspension spring is still there and that you’ve been experimenting with a couple of makeshift pendulums (good idea) but that the movement only runs for a few seconds. I was wondering to what and how you are attaching your test pendulums. You would need to instal a new suspension spring to place the hanger or pendulum onto for testing. Otherwise the clock will most likely stop on you. Any chance you could post a pic of the back of the movement up here?

    Thanks Ed,