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    One thing I would like to know about the hairspring. I have taken off another and put it back on a wristwatch staff and was wondering if there was a trick or preferred way to put stud into hole on balance cock. I have tried it by using tweezers to actually aim it toward the hole. When I do that tweezer tips and stud gets in my way to point I can no longer see hole. I’ve had best luck looking through hole and trying to aim stud throught it from the back side. Either way seems to take me a long time. Of course I am a little shakey as until a month or so ago I had never even thought about touching a hairspring. By the way I checked the Gruen this morning and it was about 3 minutes fast but I looked at the back again and saw that it was regulated a few degrees toward the fast side. I moved regulator back to about neutral at about ten this morning and as of now at 10:50 tonight it is keeping time with the watch I am wearing. Any advice about hairspring would be appreciated.