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    Hi All,
    Been awhile since my last contact with you all. laptop died and lost lots of info and been busy reloading new harddrive. Have also started to work on several wristwatches. Got in a Bulova 7AP yesterday that had me confused for a bit. When I checked it out it was obvious that balance was not seated properly as it would not move and just looked misaligned. I loosened cock and reseated balance. Movement returned but when I gave watch a gentle shake it started to run but backwards very fast, for a very short time. Rubbed my eyes, scratched my head and tried it again and sub second hand went backwards. Took watch apart as practice, also found mainspring to be broken, put it back together, gave it a shake and ran forward at what seems proper speed for a second or two. (Still need to get mainspring which I am searching for now) Just curious as to why it might have been running backwards in the first place. Is it possible that since balance wasn’t seated properly another wheel was also out and when I gave it a shake the balance pushed escapement wheel the wrong way?? Never seen a watch run backwards before and was wondering what could have caused such a thing.