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    Geeze. It’s a month after my last post about the stereo microscope and the dood is still selling them !
    Again, NO WIRES as in USB. You can take it from place to place and it’s self contained.
    The optics are incredible for such a cheap thing ! 20X magnification is just about right for our needs !
    NO plastic optics, GLASS !! I’m thrilled with it ! Minimal investment for a really nice tool that is
    STAND ALONE ! Drawbacks ? The built in LED light sucks and you need a camera to take pics.
    With a USB cam attached to your ‘puter it’s a keystroke to get a pic.
    It’s clumsey with my ‘scope to get a pic with the digital camera but taking pics is secondary to
    actually seeing , WIRE-SNAG FREE– while playing with the tiny parts.
    My highest reccomendations for this thing. I have no affiliation with the seller of these.
    Just a very satisfied guy !