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    On behalf of myself and, I’m sure all of us here, WELCOME !
    I’m not familiar with the Illinois movements mechanical-wise. I’ve been playing with Walthams exclusively
    so far. My guess is that the winding stem, originally part of the case it was in has bonded itself
    to the movement. Maybe rust ? These are steel parts, after all. Then, again, I could be way off base !
    I’m a novice as well. Expect Bob to help you soon. He’s the master ! And watches this forum often.
    The crown and case are long gone but the stem from the case is locked into it ?
    Only a complete breakdown (very recommended) and thorough inspection will reveal the answer.
    Running these old things without a thorough cleaning can ruin them in a short time.
    Accumulated abrasive debris from over a CENTURY gets into the fast moving tiny parts
    and causes fast damage. Read my other posts here and you’ll know how many issues can come
    up and the need for others here to post their help. Sorry to be verbose here but , hey, that’s me.
    I’ve accumulated some basic vital equipment since I joined.
    An ultrasonic cleaner. Cheap on ebay and works minimally ok. You need one.
    A dial caliper for precise measurements. And the most useful absolutely necessary tool for
    me was an ebay purchase of a stereo microscope. I couldn’t do this stuff without it !
    I bought it brand new for about $80 !! 20X magnification is perfect !
    It’s a Doma model 210. Likely made in China, but the optics are supurb !
    Bob said He wasn’t aware you could buy one for that price. I’ll have to check my ebay purchases
    and see if I can find the seller.
    Another nice thing to hace is a digital camera. I’ve posted several pics with my antique Sony
    Mavica which saves the pics on a floppy disk ! But it can take pics through the microscope.
    VERY useful ! When I breakdown a movement I take pics all along the way.
    I have several movements “canned” for future attention and a folder on my computer with
    serial numbers, pics and notes on each. Kinda went nutz on ebay for a while !

    SO…. I’ve been carrying my first success around for a few weeks now. A lever-set Waltham
    size 18 in a heavy silverode case with a crystal almost an eight inch thick. After cleaning it
    and replacing a broken mainspring (#2203) and nudging the adjustment often, I now have a
    watch made in 1888 which keeps PERFECT time !!! Case not original for the hunter movement,
    but it’s a fine thing which draws inquisitive questions each time I take it out of my pocket for
    a time check ! Ahhh, which is often ! And then I say… I repaired it ! And I know my own hands
    did it. It’s 123 years old !
    It travels by car now. Not horse and buggy. A switch lights the room now. Not a candle.
    Voices and images come from magic boxes. Geeze, there weren’t even telephones then !

    Ahh, well… Guess i’ve said enough…
    Again, welcome.