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    Thanks Bob for all your help. I am currently in the middle of winning some bench keys on ebay. Hopefully.
    Bob i was told nearly twenty five ago to become a watchmaker. I wish i had listened.
    I have done nearly every other fiddly job on the planet.I have tied fully dressed salmon flies for a living, which i still do for special orders. For the last 9 years i design/repair/service fishing reels for some of the biggest fishing companies in the world.I love fiddly things and get great satisfaction out of repairing something to make it work again.
    I truly enjoy the look on someones face when i return their reel back to them, which was their Grandfathers, and it is working better than the day they bought it.
    Bob i appreciate your quick reply to my question, and i am sure i will have many more for you.
    Hopefully in the near future, i will enjoy the look on someones face, when i return their Great Grandfathers Elgin etc back to the grandchildren and it is working again.
    Thanks again Bob
    Regards Jay