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    Very interesting to hear how you got into this. Hey any other newbies jump in its alway interesting to hear how our interest motivated us into this.

    Ah the The Malt Shop. It started down (I believe) on Philidelphia St. as the Whittier Ice Creme factory. When we were flush with allowance we’d ride our bikes uptown and go there for a chocolate malt or soda. Then in the mid to late 60s moved near the Owl Drug store. My aunt used to work there. There were two places in the western US to get good Malts, however others might differ. Whitter and Independence, CA. Canadians don’t do malts and so we languish up here. I try to get one whenever I’m in the US but they just aren’t the same. One of my early memories as a kid was going to “Nixon’s” (owned by the late Presidents family) and having a hamburger and chocolate malt.