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Bob Tascione

    Great thread topic Steve, thanks for starting it!
    Wow does that Owl Drug Store bring back memories. Remember the ice cream shop a little further up Greenleaf on the same side of the street? Can’t remember the name but Best malts I ever had. That watchmaker had a lot to do with my getting into watch repair. I also used to watch him from outside his window as well as another watchmaker/jeweler who was closer to my home. The one close to our house got tired of me staring at him just about everyday on my way home from school (12 years old) and finally called me in. I used to sweep his shop, dump trash and wash his windows a couple times a week and got some lessons in return. I learned to completely disassemble, clean, oil and assemble a watch over the next several months. He finally sold his store to a not so friendly guy and moved away but the seed was planted. Tinkered with them through my teens a bit but girls were just much more interesting. Started getting serious again when I was around 20.
    It will be interesting to hear from more about their beginnings into insanity!

    Thanks again Steve!