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    VERY NICE old tombstone radio ! Very familiar tube compliment as well.
    I’d have definitely paid fifety bux for it ! Ebay prices on these have soared in the past few years.
    My 1939 Motorola 52T1 has, as usual, been on all day today. Interesting thing about it…
    It’s loop antenna was beyond my time to take to repair it so I made an external one. Litz wire !
    It’s about 16X16 inches and made from 2 1X2’s notched to form an X.
    Inductance about 200uH. It’s sensitivity is amazing. I’d post a pic but it’s finished…covered by nice paneling.
    I also have 2 other 52T1’s, one of which has been partially restored and the other’s chassis works but needs re-capping.
    The case for this one is beyond my ability to repair.
    I bought an old Q meter years ago on ebay but, alas, it smoked one day ! It’s thermocouple is good though…
    An AM radio’s local oscillator and my O-scope gets my near for calculating inductance, capacitance, etc.
    I’ve built a little buffer amp out of a MPF102 fet to prevent “pulling” the oscillator.
    Ahh- also about my main Motorola–When I got it, it’s audio txfmr had failed and blew out the 47 tube (?).
    A Radio Shack 6.3 volt filament txfmr works well as a replacement ! The type 47 tube is happy with it.

    Nice to hear from you, Caz ! Gotta get back to re-cleaning my old 18s Waltham—A bad Anchor oil thing…