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Bob Tascione

    Nice colors Steve!
    Yes I believe you’re correct. You would adjust as pairs and never just one screw from one or both pair. I’ve heard some say that you should always adjust all 4 if there are 4 but I don’t see where that’s necessary. There are some very high end modern watches with mono-metalic balances where one pair of screws (or weights) is larger for larger adjustments and the other pair smaller with finer threads for finer adjustments. If only fine adjustments were needed then the larger pair wouldn’t need to be touched at all. I don’t know if that really supports the theory but somehow it makes sense to me. On the other hand If only one screw is moved out then it will throw everything off balance. Picture a spinning top with only one small weight extending out from it. It wouldn’t spin well at all but if you put another equal weight extending the same distance at the same height on the other side 180 degrees from the first it should be well balanced and spin well.