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Bob Tascione

    Hi Fred,
    Now that’s a very good question and I should have covered it in my last post. Yes there are usually 4 timing screws (2 sets) on higher quality watches. In the picture that Steve posted you’ll see that they are called”mean time screws” which is probably the most correct name for them. Many watchmakers call them timing screws which is also correct. I call them rating screws which is NOT correct! Sorry for that.You’ll catch me screwing up terminology like that all of the time. Whenever anyone catches me doing that please help me and others by correcting me. I can take it….snivel snivel! We’re all talking about the same thing here though. If your watch has 4 screws then yes you can safely adjust all 4 without affecting temperature compensation. You should find one set at or very near the rim as mentioned before and the other set (if the balance has one) 90 degrees from the first set. All other screws on the rim will affect temperature compensation if moved. You can tell the difference between the timing screws and all other balance screws on the rim by the length of the thread. Timing screws are longer and should have a tight, snug, smooth feeling while turning. You should be able to turn them in or out all the way to the last thread without having them loosen up. They shouldn’t fall out when the watch is running. The other balance screws will be loose and wobble around if not tightened snug up against the rim. I’m not sure if all Walthams have 2 sets of screws. Steve might know better as I believe Waltham is his speciality. If so then yes you can adjust both sets of screws. When all are turned an equal amount you can divide in half the number of threads needed to be turned and the distance they would move that I posted earlier. They should remain tight though.

    I hope this helps Fred,
    Now…timing screws, timing screws, timing screws, timing screws…I think I’ve got it now!