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    Tonight, 3/3/2011, I re-assembled my vintage 1888 size 18 watch after having to clean that crap Anchor oil out of it.
    Don’t have any Mobius oil yet but , believe it or not, I used Marvel Mystery Oil to lube it !
    It looks like red kerosene…VERY THIN ! It has a sweet smell.. DON’T store it in your bathroom !
    It could easily be mistaken for mouthwash !!!! That Anchor crap…Still steamed about it !
    Just checked a cap full of mystery oil I put in the fridge. It’s still quite thin. Gotta check it’s evaporation qualities.
    But… this seems like pretty good stuff for the tiny “heart of the watch” parts.
    The watch is running perfect and has lost 5 seconds in half an hour. A tiny bump to the trimmer to correct.
    This watch was very temp sensitive with the old oil. I can see already that that issue is fixed.
    I took pics of the gummy oil but rather than posting, just think of the half-hardened stuff on the lid of a polyurethane can
    and you get the picture. SO NICE to have my 1888 watch back again !! Still have to finish polishing the old thick crystal.
    3949617 # A hunter movement. Lever set.
    Now, onto a #3270968 18S movement With a broken staff. Just checked my mailbox.
    The (2) staffs arrived. Hope I got the right parts ! Next stage of learning. A lathe will probably be necessary to fit the parts.
    Hope not, but…….