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    Yeah ! it works SO fine ! BUT ….
    The crystal I’m polishing has a FLAT front profile. It’s window-glass-flat.
    Results ? Still have some deep scratches I’ll have to live with for now.
    The silicon carbide powder (1500 grit) leaves a foggy crystal.
    Did that for 2 days in the crude machine. Shouldda left for a week !
    1/8 thick glass, ya know.. Had to polish it with the cerium anyway.
    That took some time ! Same Johnson motor but fitted with a penny which I drilled 2 holes into
    to stick some cuts of #14 gauge house wire into and stuck a cut of wine bottle cork.
    The cork is perfect for a polishng pad !
    The cerium oxide powder did a fine job, albiet, time spending. A bit at a time….
    Anyone reading this fun adventure with a curved crystal ? DON’T !
    I’m thinking of cotton. A pillow impregnated with polishing agents.
    Dry scrub. Weight has to be evenly distributed. Another hitch…
    My machine didn’t touch the bezel. A convex crystal wouldn’t work with the bezel attached.
    It would cream the metal on the bezel !
    Laziness is the mother of invention ! Haha !