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    Polishing crystals:
    Attached is a pic of my crude invention.
    Mounted on a piece of broken glass with silicon glue.
    A plastic coffee can lid with cerium oxide in it.
    The crystal sits into the paper circle held by a cut of
    #14 copper wire. The motor shakes it and it’s pinned on the
    other end of the wooden paint stirrer. This pic was taken as
    the contraption was working. Shutter speed on my camera is
    a new thing for me ! It’s running at about 2500+rpm !
    This friggin crude thing has hundreds of hours on it !
    The DC motor is a Johnson 33 VDC. I bought 15 of ’em
    surplus for 15+ with shipping !!
    This is powered by a 12VCD power plug-in from some old thing
    I saved. I ran it for 2 days with #1500 silicon carbide powder
    and now it’s running with cerium oxide.
    NOTE ! The crystal in this case is FLAT.1/8 inch thick.
    The flat profile enables me to do this.
    A curved crystal would need padding to fit somehow. Cotton batting
    impregnatated with abrasives ?
    Hope this amuses you !
    The “shaker” on the motor was made of a penny.
    Center hole to fit motor shaft and a hole near it’s edge to fit’the
    #14 copper wire.