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Bob Tascione

    Hi Steve,
    I don’t have a Merritts catalog down here with me so I’m not able to look at that escape wheel. Looking at the pics in your previous post “Ingraham Clock Repair” it looks like the verge is set too deep into your escape wheel. If you look at the pic I’ve uploaded here (your pic with red lines added) you’ll see the red lines resting on the verge arm mount post (can’t remember the actual name). This arm can be pivoted toward or away from your escape wheel. If you haven’t already done so you might try moving the arm out a bit until the teeth just begin to escape and give impulse to your pallets. Keep adjusting it until each tooth gives impulse and can clear the pallet. At this point move it out a tiny bit more to assure clearance for all teeth. If you get skipping or inconsistant ticks then you may need to top or possibly change your escape wheel. I’m not able to see the condition of the teeth in your pics.
    Hope this helps Steve
    Have fun,