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Bob Tascione

    Welcome Scott!
    Glad you found us and good to know the course is working out for you. The course in Seattle is EXCELLENT so if you ever have a chance to attend jump at it.
    Yes you should definitely consider going to the regional. You’ll have a chance to meet a lot of people with the same interests in your area. I’ll be heading up to the States in early April for a few days but will then be heading back down to Mexico. Won’t be in Oregon in May at all. We’ll possible be in Portland at the end of summer so maybe a few of us from up there can get together and talk clocks and watches. It would be good to meet you too.
    That watch sounds interesting. Yes Illinois made some amazing watches. I wasn’t aware that Illinois made anything larger than an 18 size back then. I believe the buyer of the watch could have the name San Juan engraved onto the movement when ordering as well as having many other names to choose from. Not sure about that though so please correct me if I’m wrong.
    Good to see you up here Scott!
    Have fun!