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Bob Tascione

    Hi Thomas828,
    That would be great if you could send the pic to my email address [email protected] ..thanks
    Thanks also for posting the item numbers. Yes I have seen this lathe up on ebay but didn’t remember the name sincereclocks. I’ve wondered about the quality and whether or not the .01mm spindle runout tolerance claim is true. The positive comments seem to support their claim. I would like to hear more from someone who has purchased and tested one. Also would like some feedback on the collets. Might be worth while contacting a few of the people who have purchased one to see how the machine has performed. If it’s what they say it is then it seems to be a very good value and the Swiss might have some stiff competition ahead. The item number to the gear cutters shows 20 pressure angle involute gear cutters. Involute tooth form is not commonly used in clock making. Cycloidal-epicycloid teeth were used almost exclusively in horology.

    The popular Unimat that you have is in use in many clock shops and as I mentioned earlier can handle most of the common clock repair turning and polishing needs. There are quite a few course members that use them…including Steve (Wingman) as he mentioned in his above post.
    If you or anyone up here has some feedback on that lathe please post it up here.
    To sum it up…if that lathe is as good as they claim it is then I WANT ONE TOO!

    Have fun Thomas828,