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    Don’t know if I mentioned this recent snag before but I’m the proud owner of an 1885
    lever set 18S which I put into a case from ebay. So many things to say…
    It was encased in crud when recieved. I knew that when bidding.
    Likely spent many years in a barn or detached garage. It’s 126 years old.
    A major cleaning issue. THAT’S when the lathe would help.
    It really needs moving points polished but “running-in is it’s polish.
    But I don’t have one yet. After cleaning in US bath, pinions, pivots
    and stuff showed corrosion. This led to many problems.

    1 Hairspring has lost some blueing and has surface rust on spots.
    2 After cleaning, hands fit very loose. Oxidation of used to be metal.
    Hairspring is a big issue because the watch looses time when set to max.
    I “rigged” it temporarily by removing a small weight in the balance.
    Oh, well, then..keeps perfect time except when laid on it’s back !
    It runs fast then. Short of it.. need to put that little screw/ weight thing
    Need to play with the hairspring terminating contraption.
    Gotta pull the hairspring in a tiny bit.

    A guy at work saw it and asked ” Geeze ! How old is it. And what’s it worth ?
    I replied that after making it the best it can be it might fetch $125.
    He was shocked ! But we all know, that’s the market, so far.
    Some can fetch thousands and most can’t. Not what I do this for.
    Rescuing old relics is my goal. Just won an ebay thing.. 1883 keywind
    18S Waltham ! 20 bux including shipping .
    Happy holidays to all !!!!