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    Not, Bob. The staffs were likely for a size 16. I could use them if that’s the case.
    Gotta tell ya, The #2203(?) milder mainspring I put in my 1888 18s is astounding !
    Friggin 40 hours on a wind !!!!! I’m doing up an 1886 of the same flavor and it’s spring is HEAVY !
    Gonna get another 2203 for the 1886.
    Have an 18s case that the crown’s knurels are worn smooth !
    Tough winds on a beefy spring.
    This movement’s keeping PERFECT time now ! Lubed with Marvel Mystery Oil !
    Not temp-sensitive anymore. In warm pocket or out, it’s rock solid.
    Got my crude machine polishing the crystal with cerium oxide powder now.
    Gonna run over night.
    I wore this watch to work and have it in the pocket even bedtime overnight mant times.
    It’s being used as it was intended to.
    A+ passing the test ! 123 years old . Google just had a new look . Charlie Chaplin’s 122 year B-day.
    My watch has him beat by a year ! Fathom that !!!