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    My post here March 25 about the numbers on the balance wheel:
    Bob, You’re the man !
    Just finished re-assembling a size 18 vintage 1886 . Still needs a staff replacement. Ohhhh… deeper than I’ve ever been !
    anyway, I re-checked those numbers. The movement is # 3270968 and on the balance is 3270..and on the other side..968 !!
    Awesome ! How did I miss this ? I bought 2 staffs on ebay I hope are the right ones.
    The condition of this thing is astounding. The balance spring shines emerald blue still. The dial is completely free
    of hairlines, but… Being a lever set, someone chipped the dial . After cleaning, the gears move with a light breeze!
    It has a good mainspring but thick ! Think I’m gonna get another #2203 new one . My other movement runs SO fine
    with that spring. Easy to wind and lasts a long time on a wind. I’m looking at it now (3949617) and it’s been running
    15 hours so far on the wind and has lost 15 seconds since I last set it over 28 hours ago ! I’m blown away !!
    The thick spring in this 1886 movement ain’t gonna last half as much. Unnecessary overload with torque.
    Also, the lower balance jewell looks brand new ! …Which brings me to a question for the master…Or anyone else..
    If the new OEM staff is the proper one will it seat into the jewell more or less perfectly ?
    Or did the old timers use some sort of lapping compound ? I’d be afraid to go there !

    Hey, you guys/gals on this forum… Ya really need to post more with your horological endeavors !
    Shoutout out to Caz