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    Gotta get some of that solution, and boxwood, and good oil, etc.
    I think I’m finally done working on the 18s 1888 vintage lever set #3949617.
    It had that old gummy crud (anchor oil) in the bottom balance jewell and the mating staff pivot.
    I couldn’t have done this without my stereo microscope. Best 80 bux I’ve ever spent !
    It’s adjusted, cleaned and lubed and the balance is swinging effortlessly now !
    It gained 6 seconds since last night. AND… NO more temp issues because of Anchor oil !
    The new mainspring’s grease has, by now, worked in, so no binding in there.
    Almost 24 hours on the wind-up and it’s still running. Gotta finish polishing the thick crystal.
    123 years old ! A tiny bump of the adjust lever and it’s keeping PERFECT time now !