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    Geeze, almost forgot… Thanks, Bob for clarifying my question about the balance cock numbers.
    And I have noticed numbers scribed on the balance itself. Gotta re-visit my pics.
    I take as many as I can on each movement I play with. Shouldda made the connection ?
    Maybe the numbers don’t jive ? Will be interesting to see !
    I’m SO much a novice here but have seen a few numbskull repairs to these things.

    I couldn’t function without that $80 stereo microscope I snagged on ebay.
    After all, these old movements aren’t rocket science but their precision is awe-inspiring !
    Manufacturing the jewels for these things ? In the late 1800’s ? WOW !!!
    a bi-metal balance that expands and contracts with temp ? On SUCH a small part ?
    High precision manufacturing existed well over 100 years ago !
    THAT’S mind boggeling !