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Bob Tascione

    Hi John,
    You may have noticed that I usually call people by their user name unless they sign their posts with their real name. I figure they might not want to use their actual name.
    Those numbers stamped on the underside of the balance cock should match the last few numbers of the movements serial number. You’ll also find the serial number scratched on the balance arm. This way we can tell if the balance cock and balance is original to the movement. Swapping assemblies doesn’t always work. I’m not sure about the differences between your two watches. Usually the best bet is to replace the balance staff with the correct one.

    Nice Radio! I love old radios too. When you look at the cases on these old radios you can sure see similarities between them and old clocks. Beautiful works of art. I used to build my own very basic bread board type tube transmitters and receivers many years ago. They were very amateurish and crude with everything mounted on a piece of plywood….but had lots of fun. Almost killed myself when I took a high voltage hit off of a huge transformer. It knocked me out of my chair and over my bed! Might explain the brain damage. I remembered to unplug stuff after that. Got my first ham license back in the 60s (novice…was wn6dna) which expired. Finally upgraded about 30 years ago (N6HGF). We’re not alone out there. Lots of other members are hams as many use their call signs in there emails. Whenever I see one I go to and run their call sign in the engine.
    Any other radio buffs out there?
    Thanks for posting that pic John!