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    TickTockShoppe: I’ve never been a ham operator but was always something I aspired to do.
    Nice to know I’m not alone out here ! But, as you say, might be many more out there than we know.
    I hope so. Starting a new thread on this ? Though I’d like to, but it’s not on topic. Kinda hijacking this fine
    forum from others who don’t share our electronic antique interests..
    Anyway, Ian, maybe you could help me with a question (or can anyone else ? ).
    Just recieved an 1886 18s lever set with a broken staff. I have an 1888 of the same flavor.
    I just attempted to borrow the 1888’s balance cock assembly to try it in the 1886.
    They look identical. But it just doesn’t seat right. So… the question:
    On the back of the 1888’s cock is stamped the numbers 49 617 and the 1886’s is 70 968.
    Any idea as to what these numbers mean ? The production dates on these old things are only 2 years apart.
    Oh, and, no, the remains of the broken staff is not still in the jewel. Jewell is clean and intact.
    Also, to you, Bob and all else, feel free to call my John if you like.
    Also, to Bob: Kickstarting all of is your way to insuring the survival of these fine antiques.
    You’ve likely rescued many through our hands. Thanks !
    Those on this forum can reach me at [email protected] and use the word pocketwatches in the subject line.
    This is an exclusive forum so I’m ok with that.