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Bob Tascione

    Thanks Clam71,
    That’s really good to hear. I enjoy what I do very much. All I really do though is kind of “kick start” people and they do the rest. I just try to make it fun and interesting for the beginner and they can take it to whatever level they wish from there by practicing and studying other books and videos. Some have gone on to complete excellent training programs like WOSTEP and now make me look like a beginner! I love it!

    About radios…Interesting….many antique radio buffs and Ham radio operators have purchased the courses over the years…MANY! There seems to be some common interest (connection) between horology and radios. It would be interesting to know how many other members are also into radios or are Ham operators. The numbers may not be too great here on the forum as most course members are not registered on the forum but I’ll bet there are at least a few.
    Might make for an interesting thread?