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    Geeze, Bob, I just snagged another 18s Waltham movement.
    You’re right, this bug has bit me big !
    I restore old wooden tube radios for kicks because I honor their historic value.
    I have an old Motorola 52T1 that I have on all day on my days off.
    Wish I took a “before” pic of it. Vintage 1939. Looks grand !
    Thanks to you I’m making old relic-watches tick again. The value to me by doing so
    is priceless ! I’ve restored a few Singer sewing machines as well for the same reasons.
    But this watch thing

    Turning on power to an old tube radio is an experience few will know.
    The smell of old dust burning off the fire-bottles , the joy of the sound coming out of it again
    after many decades , and the comfort in one’s soul—-
    Same thing with these old pocket watches. To know that your own hands have given new life
    to such OLD things pleases me to no end.
    My recent thing was the 1888 18s Waltham. 123 years old !
    My Grandfather wasn’t even born then !!!
    Life is precious and justly so but I believe that before my time is up I need to save a few things.
    To rescue a few things. So, in that regard, I’ve added a new avenue to my hobby/lexicon.
    Surely, many others here have the same feelings.
    Thanks to you for getting me started.
    You’ve touched a lot of souls out there….