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Bob Tascione

    Hi Steve,
    After your last post about purchasing the escape wheel form Merritts I checked around for other sources. TimeSavers has tons of different sizes available. You may have already checked them but thought I would post it just in case.
    The material was spread out over the escape wheel by using a punch to help secure it to the arbor. You must remove the material by either filing it back or chucking it in a lathe and turning back the material to the original shoulder being careful not to go beyond the shoulder as you’ll need to spread the material back after putting the new wheel on. You can then drive the arbor out by placing the escape wheel on a stump with a hole just big enough to clear the lantern pinion and the escape wheel shoulder that the wheel is staked onto. Fortunately the new wheel has a hole the exact same size (when does that ever happen?) so it won’t need to be opened up to size on your lathe.
    Oh, also make sure the punch you use has a hole deep enough to fit over the end of the arbor and can reach the seat with a little depth left over so you don’t damage the pivot. I’ve been there! Also applies to the punch used to drive the wheel back on to the shoulder.
    Enjoy Steve!