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Bob Tascione

    Hi all,
    Wingman, I believe you’re correct. They do put an anti-corrosion compound on mainsprings. My feeling is that this should be removed. I remove it by wiping the entire length of the spring with kerosene on a rag. Then use a clean rag to remove the kerosene. Just takes a few seconds. Also, I’m not sure if too much grease on the spring will cause catching but it is important Not to over grease the spring. This grease can work it’s way into places it doesn’t belong. A thin coat is all that’s needed. As pkamargo mentions, it’s a good idea to wipe off excess grease. Pkamarge…I also like keystone greases. The occasional catching could be caused by one or several reasons. Too thick a grease can cause this. Also temperature change can affect the grease. A spring may slide perfectly on warmer days and catch on cold ones. Going with a slightly thinner grease will usually solve the problem. As for greases to use…I usually just use a synthetic motor oil with tefllon like Duo-Lube or Slick50. They can be purchased from any auto parts store. I don’t really know if it’s the best thing out there but many clockmakers do use the same thing.
    Another thing to check for are burrs or scratches on the mainspring. New mainsprings DO occasionally have burrs on them which should be removed. These burrs will reveal themselves by snagging the kerosene soaked rag when cleaning the spring. Fine steel wool will usually take care of them.

    Hope this helps!